Nov. 20th, 2016

  • 11:28 AM
pridefall: (Here I lay my Burdens Down | Art)
soft. like raindrops, or candle-light;
like your favorite dog-eared book,
and her most perfect cup of coffee,
quiet every Sunday morning; gentle
like peaches washed by tender hands,
or daffodils swaying in the breeze; soft
like fingertips finding one another magnetic,
always drawn together in hallways, in pictures,
at speakeasies, fidgeting under tables,
pulling apart, after; us hiding love, hoarding it,
both of us embarrassed we're not sixteen again
and unafraid of hickeys, or fucking up, fucking up again
not afraid of hurting each other with--not afraid, punto.
soft like her breathing, the slow rise and fall of her everything,
and how her hair pools in your lap, gentle: an ocean at rest;
soft like heart-beats. (th-thump, th-thump.)
like thumbs ghosting knuckles and rib-cages and thighs,
fingretips fluttering up your side;
you are a sparrow hiding from a storm and i but two hands
hoping they can hold you right; you are soft like a first kiss
never given but always longed for; soft like poetry, like
tonterias whispered in the shell of an ear, like promises,
me forever hoping words can make a difference in you,
reach where nothing else can touch. you are sakura in bloom;
you are bubblegum; you are leather and spice and
the smell of violets after a lightning storm; ozone and earth,
you are gentle like the touch of winter in the dead of night,
like cotton-candy, pop-rocks, and dates with redheads;
i know i am filled with knives and shattered mirrors,
with broken windows and glass stained for all the wrong reasons;
but in you, i see how even someone made up of sharp
can still reflect rainbows and fireworks
all the way up to the sky.

- "soft,"

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