Mar. 9th, 2012

  • 11:10 AM
pridefall: (You ruined it noncoolkid | Dave)
My roommate rescued a puppy without ACTUALLY running the idea by me first.


He went so far as saying that he felt lonely because I wasn't there, and hinted that his psychologist might've told him to get one -- or encouraged the idea, at least -- to combat his depression, but still. One day we have no puppy, and the next we have a two-month old mutt off the street that is just barely potty trained and so scared/excited of everything in the apartment that she still wets herself.

At least he was responsible enough to get her vaccinated/treated for worms/etc, etc, but still. He's had her for a day, and he left her in his room -- with food and water, and a place she "should" go pee" -- so he could go to class. A two month old stray.

Will wonders never cease?