Jun. 18th, 2012

  • 2:02 AM
pridefall: (Truest Words Ever Spoken | Anis Mojgani)


No Father; No Fathers
I have no father.
That word is much too small,
Is far too narrow to describe,
The kings that raised me.

It is a word weighted in experience;
A combination of six letters with infinite definitions;
My fathers were athletes and businessmen;
They taught me to run, jump, and climb,
And sat my ass down to practice writing and arithmetic.

They were video-gamers and storytellers who stayed up all night with me;
Whether we were counting stars and telling ghost stories,
Or sitting around talking about nothing with a beer in hand;
These men taught me what it was to be a man.

 They were soldiers and mad geniuses,
Doctors and role models onto themselves;
I may have climbed mountains and rooftops without them,
But never once I have felt as tall as I was when seated on their shoulders.

My fathers raised me to believe in very simple truths,
And in my life I have done my best to live by them.
You love those around you without asking for anything in return;
Speak truthfully and strong, without s-s-stuttering or screaming,
Because even the most smallest, most quiet voice,
Is like the voice of God when spoken with conviction.

You fight for what you believe in, even if the mob thinks its wrong,
Even if the world tells you that you're insane,
That you must change to fit their example,
You plant yourself firmly and say:
This is who I am,
This is who I was raised to be,
And I will not sell myself short for anybody.

I was raised to believe that anything was possible,
That nothing, not even myself,
Could get in my way.
And I am still fighting this fight,
I am still here, still breathing,
Still living up to the giants that made me,
And in them I am finding the will to carry on.

I have no fathers,
But I do have a Dad,
And I do have a Papi,
Because father is just too small a word,
To describe the men who raised me.