Dec. 23rd, 2013

  • 12:47 AM
pridefall: (Only Data Streams | Tron)
Day 94, reversed
And when did you realize
Sunlight in her eyes
Was all you wanted to see?

Day 95, reversed
I fell for her between
Two disparate points on a map
Her laughter my meridian.

Day 96,
My mind is a landfill:
It reeks of his name in your throat;
This fucking garbage I never asked for.

Dec. 19th, 2013

  • 11:45 PM
pridefall: (Only Data Streams | Tron)
day 90;
we are redwoods before the storm,
cars and people locked in traffic jams;
oh, Christ; we are devoured by sunlight.

Day 91, Reversed;
You are a painting in my mind:
Cliff-face and ocean; clear blue sky.
Shoulders and spine ramrod straight.

Day 92, Reversed;
No, you are not a painting.
A photograph, perhaps;
Clarity yet waiting to develop.

Day 93, Reversed;
--A metaphor, an aftertaste;
The taste of rain and embers:
A page in a notebook, filled.

Day 94, Reversed;
A thousand words, a thousand similes;
I write, and write, and write;
Knowing every letter is your echo

Day 95, Reversed;

Dec. 15th, 2013

  • 10:49 PM
pridefall: (Truest Words Ever Spoken | Anis Mojgani)
Day 87, Reversed;

It's keeping your distance,
Letting space decide a pattern,
But all you want is breathless.

Dec. 13th, 2013

  • 7:35 PM
pridefall: (Pervert Seal of Approval! | Jiraiya)
Day 84, reversed
I held you like a prayer
A promise you could not keep
And found solace in your spine

Dec. 12th, 2013

  • 2:18 AM
pridefall: (I'm a super hero! Really! | Invincible)
Day 81, reversed;
We are separated by:
distance and computer screens;
Yet I covert your horizon.

Dec. 10th, 2013

  • 7:46 PM
pridefall: (woah woah wait | Naruto)
Day 80, reversed

We haven't fucked yet,
And I'm not sure we ever will;
But here is what I know:
You stick your tongue out when you smile, sometimes;
Sometimes, the sunlight turns your eyes to gold;
And sometimes, I am afraid of you.
Last night, I pulled you close
And tried for something more than:
Incessant texting at all hours of the day,
and pretending we aren't terrified making
And you:
You held my jaw shut to keep a promise;
Made me kiss your cheek,
and asked:
"Is it always gonna be like this?"
And I can't say that it wont;
So I kissed your neck,
To know what uncertain futures taste like;
Knowing only that I know I have no answers;
That I never have right answers;
But these things I have memorized:
You bounce your leg manic when nervous,
And sometimes you can't look me in the eye;
You like red roses, classic like your mother,
And you hate everyone that's ever hurt you.
Though we met like car crashes,
Like lightning and redwoods:
Sudden and jarring and all at once;
You are the most beautiful I've seen in months,
And I lost sleep writing that line,
Because I hate using "thing" to describe what you are;
You: working harder than most,
Giving much more of yourself than you ever get back;
We agree on a great many things,
But I'll always frown, argue and rant
When you call yourself a bitch;
Because I've know too many,
And they don't touch as gentle as you.

Dec. 6th, 2013

  • 10:17 PM
pridefall: (the fox with no hound | Gin)
Day 74, reversed;

"Dirty Talk," to her is:
smirk of disbelief, cocked eyebrow;
hand to her lips, hidden smile;
shaking head, flashing teeth;
quiet laugh, rolled eyes;
a slow circuit of her tongue,
running behind her lips;
knocking knees, punched shoulders;
A quick glance across a classroom:

Dec. 6th, 2013

  • 8:33 PM
pridefall: (Here I lay my Burdens Down | Art)
Day 73, reversed
She tells me not to accent her name
But its ascent down my spine
Accentuates everything I crave

Dec. 6th, 2013

  • 5:47 PM
pridefall: (But that would make sense | Spider-man)
Day 72, Reversed
That red string frays;
Oh darlin', let's get lost for days;
Enamored with mistakes we've made.

Dec. 5th, 2013

  • 4:14 PM
pridefall: (Piss off | Soubi)

Day 70
It's a library filled with
Age and dust and water damage;
None of the stories make sense

Day 71
It's judging who they're with,
Who they fuck; who you love:
Someone has to lose.

day 69;
i am trying to forget you in pieces:
the honey of your eyes,
the sunrise on your skin.

Day 69 reversed;
how our legs entwined;
the way we never kissed:
ghosts of more I cherished in passing.

Day 66

Day 67
Family is a metaphor for selfishness.

a girl like you, you'd do terrible things
make me believe in myself like
everything i am could be more
than what i'm not;
you make me think there's more
that life don't end or begin;
we're all solid reverb,
just wild vibrations of stars and stories,
and honey your smile is music:
a song i've heard before,
but still excites me

Day 62, reversed
We never kissed,
But I find myself:
Strange-happy-weird-punch-drunk at dawn;
Wondering where 3am went;
I am a moth to her name:
Endlessly turning,
A record all groove:
Repeating, repeating;
Emphasis at the end,
And I've been repeating,
Repeating her name,
Tasting it between my teeth,
On my tongue,
between my lips
Sort of kind of maybe like--

I'll get it right eventually.

Day 63
And just like that:
I can breathe without you.

od's Author's Note to Your Life:

This book will be as long as you make it.
It will have many ups and downs.
You will laugh and cry,
Gain and lose many, many things;
But, not to spoil the ending for you?
Everything will be okay,
In the end.

Oct. 23rd, 2013

  • 10:28 PM
 Day 52; Reversed
You left this engine running;
full-tilt, red-hot; pulsing; screaming;
Now give me back my keys!
Day 52; 
I wear headphones to deafen.
I wrap the cord around my neck'
To silence.

Feb. 27th, 2013

  • 6:31 PM
pridefall: (Here I lay my Burdens Down | Art)
day 37;
it's realizing today was your anniversary,
that 730 days ago, you first said hello,
and now you're not caring,
not caring at all.


day 348, reversed.
it's realizing today is your anniversary,
that 30 days ago, you gathered up you courage,
kissed regrets goodbye,
and finally said: "hello."


Day 38-39

it's kissing a bruise, newly strewn across her back;
like touching a raw nerve, a burn in the shape of an X,
where intent and an 9-11 collide.


history is the providence of the living,
and yet we're all chasing phantoms;
it's the human condition, they say.

Feb. 20th, 2013

  • 9:57 AM
pridefall: (the fox with no hound | Gin)
363, reversed;

we sing when we kiss;
mouthing words against our skin,
like sinners finding quiet surety.

Feb. 18th, 2013

  • 5:39 AM
pridefall: (Only Data Streams | Tron)

It's like wanting to be held,
And told everything will be alright
While screaming leave me alone


It's a cold night with only a single blanket,
Groping for a space that used to be filled,
And waking up sick.


It's like living with a ghost;
Inside my head, between my eyes;
I have forgotten the shape of your face.


364, reversed

Your's is a kiss I would never tire of seeking,
a laugh held between two lips like a hand grenade;
Careful and dangerous, but filled with promise.

Jan. 31st, 2013

  • 4:50 AM
pridefall: (an atheist in hell | John Constantine)
Day 365, Reversed

Depression is a valley. It is a deep, dark crevice. An oceanic trench. It is the space where all good things go to die. To sleep. To lay down and allow insects and shadows reign. It is friends never understanding where you're coming from. It is family telling you things will get better, but you never seeing it. It is the weight of the world attempting to crush you all at once, the gravity of a thousand-thousand nightmares attempting to tell you that you do not belong. That you will never belong. That this world, so vast and wondrous and infinite, will not abide your existence. Because depression makes you believe that you should not exist. That you cannot exist, because something intrinsic is missing from you. It is the feeling that grabs you by the throat; by the stomach; by the chest; by the heart and the mind, choking you until you cannot breathe.

And much like any other journey, this too shall pass.

Jan. 31st, 2013

  • 3:28 AM
pridefall: (the saddest icon I have | art)

It's every syllable of a three word phrase,
Tossed out like so much garbage;
A murdering of sentiments.


It's thinking:
Damn, my old lady looks fine
On the day of her five year anniversary.


It's a party that don't stop
Don't stop; won't stop
Until you pull the trigger


pages 365 - 365, reversed

It's waking up to a text,
Falling asleep on the phone;
The little moments, perfect as they are


It's finding out you make her laugh,
That you make her smile,
That the world is that much brighter because