Mar. 8th, 2012

  • 2:36 PM



I'm currently trying to see if I can fix it, but I don't know. Usually, when a computer just SHUTS DOWN randomly for me either something has melted on the inside or I've done something stupid and ruined it. ARGH. I was saving up for other things, but looks like I'll have to get a new laptop if I can't fix the old one.


Summary of problems;
- Recently, even when I'm not playing a game or using it intensely, my laptop's fan will go into overdrive and the bottom of my laptop will get so hot it burns.

- I recently downloaded a cracked version of uniblue powersuite and used it to update all of my drivers. (I'm thinking this is the problem.) Not half an hour after doing this, my laptop just randomly shut down and wouldn't turn back on.

- I took my laptop apart to clean it, and there wasn't any dust or anything. After putting it back together, it turned on, but lasted about ten to fifteen minutes before it shut down again. It won't turn on, now.


Also, can I ask who all is who on my new Dreamwidth friendslist? I know some of you because of your icons, but I think like 95% of my new friendslist is unknown to me...