Feb. 2nd, 2013

  • 1:37 PM
pridefall: (Only Data Streams | Tron)
 I had a dream that Girl A and I were at my grandmother's house. We were helping to move things around -- all the old boxes of memories my grandmother will leave behind when she dies. I guess it had already happened, there. And we're eventually laying in bed, just talking and watching television after a long day -- some stupid movie, my dream didn't even see it fit to animate it -- and I'm tried. Really tired. So I lay down and curl up around her back, kind of in a crescent, and she looks at me from over her shoulder -- she's sitting on the bed -- and says something I couldn't hear. I say something back, she smiles and rolls her eyes, then adjusts herself and myself so that we're laying down next to one another. I wrap my arms around her and close my eyes. The dream jumps and she's laying against me, back first, while I'm on my back. We're talking again. I say something, she says something, and we go back to watching television. Eventually, she snaps up, turns around, and gives me the most intense kiss I've ever had the pleasure of imagining. A kiss that felt like it took ages to achieve, and ages to end. A kiss that meant something. Our clothes start to come off. Things progress. She stops in the middle of the proceedings, only clad in her underwear, says something I can't hear, and then runs off. When I go to chase her, she's vanished and I wake up.

I had a dream that Girl B and other friends of mine were planning on taking me to the beach to cheer me up. Half of the dream played out like an episode of Venture Brothers, because I apparently knew them and lived on the compound. That part isn't important. (But it was hilarious.) What is important is that while I'm getting ready to go, Girl B shows up to help me pack. I apparently haven't seen her for awhile, so we talk. I try to dredge up why she hasn't talked to me since arriving (which mirrors how in the real world she hasn't talked to me since I asked her out) and she solidly ignores me. I then try to steer the conversation into asking her out again, since it turned out she wasn't going to the beach but just wanted to get me out of the house, and she says something I can't hear in reply. She takes my things out of the house, and I follow. I try to ask her again and wake up before I can hear her reply.

I blame re-reading Scott Pilgrim for all of this.